The Return of The Native: Book 5, Chapter 8 - Summary & Analysis

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CHAPTER VIII: Rain, Darkness and Anxious Wanderers


      At Blooms-End Clym is waiting for Eustacia to come. Then, unexpectedly Thomasin enters. In an agitated tone, she reveals her belief that Wildeve and Eustacia are planning to run away that night. She carries a bundle in which her baby is sleeping, dry and warm in its blanket. Captain Vye too comes there to enquire about Eustacia. They tell him the truth.

      Both of them go into the night. Thomasin cannot wait there in suspense for long time. She re-wraps the child and goes out into the storm once again. But it is too dark and raining, she loses her way and seeing the reddleman's van she asks for help. She continues her journey with the help of reddleman.

Critical Analysis

      This is an important chapter. Here the suspense is rising. Eustacia and Wildeve are ready for the journey. Thomasin correctly guesses that her husband is preparing to elope with Eustacia. The reddleman is still in love with Thomasin. He is ready to do any sort of help to her.

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