The Return of The Native: Book 3, Chapter 7 - Summary & Analysis

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CHAPTER VII: The Morning and the Evening of a Day


Mrs. Yeobright's Gloom and Distrust for Wildeve

      On the day of her son's wedding, Mrs. Yeobright was sitting gloomily in deep despair alone in her house. She knew her son was committing a blunder and would surely repent one day.

      Towards the evening Wildeve suddenly came to visit Mrs. Yeobright. He told her that he had conic to take the article which Mrs. Yeobright had promised to Thomasin and would deliver it to her. It was unknown to him that Thomasin was expecting money from her aunt. Mrs. Yeobright did not want to deliver the money to Thomasin through Wildeve, so she refused to give him the article and told him that it will reach Thomasin safely, without his botheration. Wildeve, at this, could make Out Mrs. Yeobright's distrust towards him.

Christian Cantle Gambled away the Money He was Handed Over

      After Wildeve had departed, Mrs. Yeobright called Christian Cantie and handed over two small bags of fifty guineas each to him. She then directed him to go and give one bag to Thomasin and the other to Clym. On the way Wildeve tempted can tie to gamble with him in which Cantie lost a little of his money and thinking that he will win back, he lost all the remaining guineas of Mrs. Yeobright. He then felt miserable and afraid and confessed to Wildeve about Mrs. Yeobright's money which was to be given to Thomasin and Clym. This whole incident was being seen and overheard by the reddleman from behind a bush who could make out that the money was to be handed over to Thomasin and Clym though later Clym's name slipped from his memory.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter moves the plot a bit where we see Mrs. Yeobright's depression on her son's marriage and her money being gambled away by Christian Cantie. Wildeve after winning the money in the gamble thought himself to be lucky to have taken a revenge on Mrs. Yeobright who had disturbed him. Christian Cantie lost the money but thought that it has gone to the right destination, instead of Thomasin to her husband. He did not realize that half the money was to go to Clym.

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