The Return of The Native: Book 2, Chapter 2 - Summary & Analysis

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CHAPTER II: The People at Blooms-End Make Ready


Aunt and Niece Together

      Mrs. Yeobright and her niece Thomasin were now making preparations to receive Clym. They were collecting different eatables which Clym liked very much. Thomasin collected some excellent apples from the Fuel House. Then they also collected some berries from the Heath. In the course of this operation, Thomasin expressed her impossibility of marrying any man other than Wildeve. In his favor, she also said that he was not, at all a corrupt or debauched man. But Mrs. Yeobright in reply told her that she had already informed Wildeve about another proposal for Thomasin.

Thomasin Anxious not to Hurt Clym

      Thomasin wanted to hide her plan to marry Wildeve and their failure to do so, from Clym. So she requests her aim not to tell Clym anything about her marriage. Though Mrs. Yeobright agreed to her consent she felt that Clym should have been informed about the marriage when it got fixed because Thomasin's secrecy would not be forgiven by Clym.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter does not move the plot much ahead but pours some light on Thomasin's character. She is a trustful girl, and has great faith in Wildeve.

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