Silvius: Character Analysis in As You Like It

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      Silvius is the hapless swain of the conventional pastrol school. He is wealthy enough to negotiate for the purchase of a farm. He is young, in love with a pair of blue eyes that save as soon as they kill. Yet he is jilted, scorned and rejected by the disdainful nymph. His condition is miserable. He is frantic and madly in love and he is always rebuked and rebuked by his stem mistress. The ‘tame snake’ Silvius is satisfied to live upon a scattered smile given now and then by his mistress. He bears her letter to Ganymede in the fond belief that it is written in an angry tone. He is fleecy fool and has no self-respect. Rosalind takes pity on him and tries her best that he should win the hand of Phebe. At last he is reunited with Phebe through the sympathetic and artful management of brilliant Rosalind. Silvius’ love registers fever heat. It is the stage in love of collapse after fever-heat. We are persuaded that Silvius is now a happy husband. He is submissive to an artful and managing wife.

      The love of Silvius heightens the romance of Rosalind. She has read in the wounds of Silvius her own wounds. But her love is not unrequited as that of Silvius.

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