Reconcile the Parties that are Violent in Gulliver's Travels

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What wonderful remedy is suggested to reconcile the parties that are violent to one another in Gulliver's Travels?

      As suggested by a professor, when parties in a state are violent there is a wonderful remedy to reconcile them. The method is this: you take a hundred leaders of each party; you dispose them into couples of such whose heads are nearest of a size, then let two nice operators saw off the occiput of each couple at the same time, in such a manner that the brain may be equally divided. Let the occiputs thus cut off be interchanged, applying each to the head of his opposite party-man. The professor assured that if it were dexterously performed, the cure would be infallible, for he argued that the two half-brains being left to debate the matter between themselves within the space of one skull would soon come to a good understanding.

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