Private Life of an Indian Prince: Brief Summary

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      Private Life of an Indian Prince was published in 1953. It is the study of contemporary political history with the personal history of few individuals. The novel rightly deals with the collapse of princely India after independence and the sufferings of the Indian Princes. The central character is the Indian Prince named Victor, who is one of the six hundred Indian Rajas or Nawabs.

      Victor has all the vices of royalty and he misuses his power. He illtreats his wives. He passes his days in luxury and Sloth. Sardar Patel, the then Home Minister of India summons him atlast to Delhi and makes him sign the Instrument of Accession. But the administration of the state is rotten and Victor faces fresh troubles, he leaves for the United Kingdom on an enforced holiday He is soon called back after being implicated in the murder of a rival in love. On his return to India, Victor becomes mad, and he is then admitted to a mental Asylum. Thus, Anand fails to give his hero a model role as he exposes in those of his Untouchable and Coolie.

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