Oliver Instigate Charles, Against his Brother Orlando

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How does Oliver instigate Charles, the court wrestler against his brother Orlando?

      Ans. Oliver bears ill-will against his brother Orlando. He grudges his qualities. He has deprived him of the ancestral property and has compelled him to lead a miserable life of a pauper. But he is not satisfied even by doing all this. Oliver wants to see him dead. Therefore Oliver insinuates and instigates the court wrestler Charles to kill Orlando in the wrestling match. He instigates the wrestler in the following manner. He says that his brother is ambitious, and grudges the accomplishments of other persons. Like a villain, Oliver plans his (elder brothers) murder. Therefore, Charles should break his brother’s neck in the wrestler's bout. Charles must kill his brother because if he is spared, he will plan against Charles life. Orlando says to the wrestler that if he reveals the true villainy of his brother, he (the wrestler) will turn pale with wonder.

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