Nora: Character Analysis in Riders To The Sea

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Keeps Adhere to Cathleen

      Nora the younger daughter of Maurya is quite innocent to decide anything without the help of Cathleen. She listens very carefully, what her elder sister says and performs as told. Her very appearance on the stage, with a speech’ where is she”, gives the impression that a small child is looking for her mother. Nora does not quite mature to cope with the situation and asks Cathleen if she open the bundle. But on Cathleens’ resistance she gets that it is not a proper time. On Cathleen’s order she works and hardly uses her own brain. Nora does not get angry at Cathleen’s several remarks and keeps On obeying her with much patience.

Role of Stool Pigeon

      Nora’s role is much more important than Cathleen, if we take it from the functional point of view. This is Nora who again and again comes on the scene to give urgent information to the various character indirectly to the spectators. Nora comes with the bundle containing clothes, which later reveal us the drowning of Michael. Nora utters the words spoken by priest which convey us that Bartley will be alive under any circumstances. May later, it proves false is, insignificant relating to her character. Nora gives us every minute detail of the movements of the character as her few lines suggest

He’s coming now, and he is in a hurry.
She’s moving about on the bed. She’ll be coming in a minute.
They’re carrying a thing among them and there’s water dripping out it...

Innocent and Inquisitive

      Nora being the youngest member of the family is quite innocent and her childish nature can be seen here and there in the play. Like a child, she is very curious to open the bundle and find out the truth. She is unaware of the mother’s anxiety which can be increased due to the disclosing of Michael’s drowning. Quite innocently, she performs all the functions ordered by any. member of the family: When the opening and examination of the bundle prove Michael’s drowning, with firm belief, she says that the young priest had told her that Bartley will not die, tells us how she convinces herself. Her capacity to keep remembering the past is suggestive by her remarks while investigating the bundle’s belongings is that the second one of the third pair I knitted and. I put up three scores. Stitches and I dropped four of them.” Then again we feel pity for her ignorance, when she looks for the solution to hide herself not to be seen weeping, by her mother. Nora, is immature girl who is incapable to estimate the effect of her words on Maurya, immediately informs her. “He’ll not stop him mother, and I heard Eamon and Stephen, Pheety and Colum Shown saying he would go.”

Fully Devoted to the Family

      Like her elder sister, Cathleen, Nora has also a soft corner for the family members. She is small girl and does not know the use of the words properly. It does not mean that she is rash and rude rather she loves her mother to the extent where a girl can die of love. She has also added the pathetic scenes by her emotional and sentimental remarks few of them are listed under:

“It’s Michael, Cathleen, It’s Michael; God spare his soul, and what will herself say when she hears this story and Bartley on the sea?” “And isn’t it a pitiful thing when there is nothing left of a man. Who was great rower and fisher but a bit of an old shirt and a plain stocking.”

      Thus, in conclusion, we can say that these remarks given by Nora, best elucidate her sensitive mind and her deep concern for the family members.

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