The Master Horse Infer: Author Belonged to A Noble Family

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On what grounds did the master horse infer that the author belonged to a noble family?

      One day in discourse with the author, having heard the author mention
the nobility of his country the master horse made him a compliment that he was sure that he must have been born of some noble family because he far exceeded all Yahoos in shape, color, and cleanliness. He also made him observe that among the Houyhnhnms the white, the sorrel, and the iron gray were not so exactly shaped as the bay, the dapple gray, and the black, nor born with equal talents of the mind, or a capacity to improve them, and therefore continued always in the condition of servants, without ever aspiring to match out of their own race, which in that country would be reckoned monstrous and unnatural.

      The author thanked the master for his good opinion about the author, but also assured him at the same time that his birth was of the lower sort, having been born of plain, honest parents, who were just able to give him a reasonable education.

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