How does Le Beau Warn Orlando Against his Danger?

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How does Le Beau warn Orlando against his danger?

      Ans. After Orlando has defeated Charles, the court wrestler in the wrestling bout, he receives praises from Rosalind, Celia, the princesses and the Duke Frederick. However, the praise of the Duke Frederick is not genuine. When the duke learns that Orlando is the son of Sri Rowland de Boys, he gets infuriated, and plans against his life. But Orlando knows nothing about this. It is Le Beau, a courtier attending upon Frederick, who informs him all about this, and warms him against the danger to his life.

      Le Beau tells Orlando that though he deserves applause from Duke for his feat, in wrestling. Le Beau tells Orlando that the duke is capricious and misconstrues all that he has achieved. He warns Orlando against future danger. Orlando feels obliged to him.

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