Gulliver's Travels: Part 4, Chapter 11 - Summary

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      The master horse and his friends remain on the shore till the author sails out of their sight. The author can hear the sorrel nag cry out to him to take care of himself. Since the author can no more bear the company of the corrupt and hypocritical human beings of Europe, he decides to spend the rest of his life on some remote island far away from the Europeans.

      The author reaches the southwest coast of New Holland and decides to live there on an island without venturing into the country. He spends three days surviving on seafood. On the fourth day he is discovered by the tribal men and women of the island, who shoot arrows at him. The author is hit by an arrow and forced to row away his boat but his hatred for Europe is so strong that he decides to return to the same island instead of going to Europe. Thus, he once again returns to the same island and hides behind a creek. He is then discovered by some seamen who have come there to get some fresh water. They are amused to see the awkward clothing and the horse-type accent of the author. They catch the author and take him to their ship as per the instructions of their captain. The captain of the ship is a kind, sensible and generous man who treats the author with utmost solicitude and patience. After reaching Lisbon, the captain keeps the author at his house for ten days and then persuades him to return to his family. The author reluctantly returns to England and begins to live with his family. For one year, he does not let any of his family members touch his food or use his cups. He buys two fine horses and keeps them in a good stable, finding great joy in conversing with them for at least four hours every day.

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