David Copperfield: Chapter 3 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 3: I Have A Change

      Peggotty's nephew, Ham, received them at the public house and carried David on his back to Peggotty's house. The house was made out of a real boat. David was quite surprised by the flatness of Yarmouth. At first, he was disappointed with the place but when he saw some of the sailors he was very pleased.

      At the boat house, David and his nurse Peggotty were welcomed by a white-aproned, gentle-looking woman named Tittle Emily'. After they had a good dinner, the master of the house arrived. He was a good-natured man called Dan Peggotty and was a bachelor. Old lady Mrs. Gummidge was the widow of his partner, and Ham and little Emily were cousins. They were orphans whom Mr. Peggotty had adopted.

      The next morning David went out with 'Little Emily' to the beach. They had good fun there. David in a childish way fell in love with 'Little Emily'. She, too, promised to love him. She told David that she would like to become a lady in order to give all sorts of wonderful gifts to her uncle.

      Mrs. Gummidge was an over sensitive fretful old lady. She always complained that everything went contrary with her. Mr. Peggotty always apologized for her behavior. Mrs. Gummidge claimed to be depressed whenever she thought that the fathers of both Ham and little Emily drowned at sea. David learned this secret. In this manner, the fortnight passed by very soon and David was sad to part from Tittle Emily'.

      When David returned to Blunderstone 'Rookery' with the maid servant Peggotty, the door was opened by a new servant. David was informed by Peggotty that he had a new father. They went to the best parlor. There his mother was sitting by the side of Mr. Murdstone. His stepfather advised his mother to control herself and he shook hands with David. David after kissing his mother crept to his bedroom which was quite changed. In the kennel there was a terrible blackhaired dog.

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