Describe The Conversion of Duke Frederick with Hermit

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Describe the conversion of Duke Frederick with Hermit.

      Ans. Duke Frederick noticed how the important person of the court were flocking every day to the Forest of Arden, and thus adding to the strength of his banished elder brother Duke Senior. Frederick therefore lead his army to the Forest of Arden to punish his brother. When Duke Frederick approached the outskirts of the forest, he met a hermit. After conversation with the hermit Duke Frederick was utterly transformed, transformed like Bully Bottom. He gave up his intention of punishing his elder brother, and killing him. Not only this, he resolved to give up the worldly pomp and power, and decided to restore the crown to his elder brother. He resolved to lead the life of a hermit in the forest.

      The conversion of Duke Frederick is not convincing. It is incredible. Shakespeare has sacrificed consistency to comedy. The conversion of Duke Frederick is not the inevitable conclusion of what has preceded, it is not consistent with the character of Frederick.

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