Captain Blifil: Character Analysis in Tom Jones

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      Allworthy's brother-in-law and young Blifil's father is a true match for Bridget. With all his learning and outward polish, he is a man of low tastes:

      He was one of those wise men who retard beauty in the other sex as a very worthless and superficial qualification; or, to speak more truly, who rather choose to possess every convenience of life with an ugly woman than a handsome one without any of those conveniences. And having a very good appetite, and but little nicety, he fancied he should play his part very well at the matrimonial banquet without the sauce of beauty. (Book I, Chapter 11)

      Captain Blifil's learned exposition of the meaning of the word 'charity', in which he sought to prove that "the word charity in Scripture nowhere means beneficence or generosity" (Book II, Chapter 5), is a fine revelation of his crude character.

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