Black George: Character Analysis in Tom Jones

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      Black George was Allworthy's game-keeper and an early friend of Tom Jones. He was a fellow of a loose kind of disposition and was thought not to entertain much stricter notions concerning the difference of 'meum' and 'tuum' than Tom himself. In fact he led Tom into many petty robberies in his early life. He did not mind Tom's being punished on his account, while receiving untold obligations from him and would not hesitate to pocket his £500 when, without that money, he knew Tom would have had great difficulties. But if Black George could not resist very big temptations, he did resist small ones and, on the whole, could behave in a manner not altogether despicable. As Fielding would have us do, let us censure imperfections and vices without raging against him, for, with all his imperfections he is human still.

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