Barber Benjamin: Character Analysis in Tom Jones

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      Barber Benjamin is another delightful creation. He is at once a barber and a surgeon, and serves Tom in both capacities (Book VII, Chapters, 4, and 6). Also known as Partridge, Barber Benjamin is a fine character of humor.

      There are many other characters — landladies and landlords soldiers and surgeons, and chambermaids, and so on. However brief their parts might be, they never cease to interest us; for they are individualized and are convincing portraits of life. Fielding drew both high and low characters, their manners and their ways of life, their mental and moral attitudes and limitations, their self-love and greed, and their goodness too, with surpassing skill. His smaller characters, though they occupy much less space than the bigger characters, glow more with life, and with their author's humor.

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