As You Like It: Act 3, Scene 1 - Summary & Analysis

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ACT III. Scene I.


Introduction to the Scene

      Oliver is now banished, and in his terror seeks the forest. Thus another step is gained. All the characters save Duke Frederick, are now in the forest of Arden.


More villain thou. Well, push him out of doors;
And let my officers of such a nature
Make an extent upon his house and lands.
(Act III, Scene I, Lines 16-19)

      When Rosalind and Celia along with Touchstone ran away from the court, the Duke Frederick was informed that Orlando had a hand in their flight. He soon summoned his elder brother also suspecting him and told him to bring Orlando within twelve months either living or dead. Thus, said Frederick he would satisfy the duke that he had no hand in the flight. Oliver pleaded for his case arid protested his innocence but he met unexpected rebuff from the duke.

      The duke told him that if he hated his brother he was certainly a darker villain. He was asked to get out of the doors. The duke ordered his officers to confiscate his property.

      It is a cause of the kettle calling the pot back because the duke is also gulity of hating his brother and usurping his throne.

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