As You Like It: Act 2, Scene 2 - Summary

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ACT II. Scene II.


Introduction to the Scene

      It is a brief but necessary scene serving a twofold purpose. To exhibit more pointedly the capricious, tyrannical character of Duke Frederick.

      To explain why Oliver is banished from court. The poet desires to transfer Oliver from court to forest in order to bring about his meeting with Orlando. Oliver’s unjust conduct to his brother bring about his own banishment.

      This scene prepares the audience for Orlando’s presence in the forest of Arden. It also shows the gentle side of his nature and exhibits his sweetness of disposition in the manner in which he has won the love and affection of Adam the old servant of the family. The devotion of Adam to Orlando offers a contrast to the meansouled avarice of the highly placed usurper and the well-to-do guardian brother.

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