Strange Interlude: by Eugene O'Neill - Summary & Analysis

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      The play Strange Interlude describes the all-too-human compromises of Nina Leeds in her attempts to realize the ideal life which the death of her fiance, Gordon Shaw has denied her. Through subterfuge and deception, she moves toward the fulfillment of her human desires.

      The plot of Strange Interlude is contrived to dramatize the conflicts and compromises of an imperfect man. Nina’s ideal love cannot be realized because it is divided among her husband’s lover, and father. Man’s sinful compromises with his ideal are fully realized in terms of character and action.

Critical Analysis

      Strange Interlude is notable for its wealth of analytical, and above all intuitive, acumen, and for the profound insight, it provides into the inner workings of the human spirit. It is a deeply moving play. Man, who is by nature materialistic and sinful, cannot realize his dream in this world must lead him into the evil which he seeks to escape. The very nature of his dream dooms him. Man’s romantic dream of human perfection, which at first seemed so beautiful, has actually become the source of evil.

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