Hyperion: Book 3 Line 3-6 - Summary & Analysis

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O Leave them.....lonely grief (Book III, Lines 3-6)


      In these lines Keats asks his goddess of Poetry (Muse) to leave the Titans to their woes because his poetic talent is too weak to sing of such tumultuous deeds of the Titans. He wants to switch over from epic-theme to the lyrical theme and take up the sorrows of a single person, Apollo, to become the subject of the third book of Hyperion,

Critical Analysis

      In this passage Keats takes the readers into confidence of his weakness that his poetic talent is suited better to lyrical poetry than to epic poetry. From this the reader also gets a hint that the poem may be left unfinished as Keats has already given a lyrical turn to a poet that should have been entirely an epic in character.

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