Hyperion: Book 2 Line 5-9 - Summary & Analysis

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It was a den.....uncertain where (Book II, Lines 5 to 9)


      These lines from the second book of 'Hyperion’ give a vivid description of the den in which Titans took shelter after their expulsion from heaven. Symbolising a hell, the den was so dark that there was not a ray of light to make the tears of the weeping Titans visible. The waterfalls were producing a roar by pouring out water, so much so that the groans of the Titans got lost in the whole norse and became inaudible.

Critical Analysis

      Keats’s description of the den of Titans reminds us of Satan’s description of hell in ‘Paradise Lost’ and Back ford’s description of the subterranean caverns of the mountains of kaf in ‘Vathek’, the two books which influenced this passage of Keats.

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