Hyperion: Book 1 Line 7-10 - Summary & Analysis

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No stir of.....did it rest (Book I, Lines 7-10)


      The lines are from the first book of Hyperion. They emphasize the solitary and gloomy character of the dark valley where Saturn is sitting in a mood of extreme mental agony after his dethronement. The stillness of the valley is so complete that not even a blow of wind is there to make the fallen leaves move

Critical Analysis

      The striking feature of this passage is the stillness and calmness of the atmosphere, in harmony with Saturn’s pathetic and sad state of affairs, thereby enhancing the effect of Saturn’s gloom. At the same time, the passage before us gives us an insight into the very close observation with which Keats looked at various aspects of nature, gloomy as well as beautiful, in this particular case, the former. Keats shows his love and liking for all that is calm and quiet in nature.

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