The Events on the Fifth Avenue in The Hairy Ape

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      In the Fifth Avenue the atmosphere was very neat and clean. The sun was up and gentle breeze was blowing and the shops were adorned displaying expensive jewels and the rich furs of all varieties.

      Long and Yank appear on the scene. Long is dressed in shore clothes, wearing black tie and a cloth cap. Yank is in dirty dungaree, sporting a fireman’s cap with black peak. He has not shaved for days and around his fierce resentful eyes the black smudge of coal dust still sticks like make up. Long tells Yank that they are in Fifth Avenue where the poor workers are not allowed to walk on the grass. It being Sunday, the white capitalists have gone to attend the church services. Yank has come to take revenge on Mildred for calling him a hairy ape. On observing the costly monkey fors, Yank’s loses his temper, but is prevented from using force to teach the capitalists a lesson for disgracing them publicly. The gentlemen are dressed in Prince Alberts, high hats, pants, and the women are rouged, calcimined, dyed, over-dressed to the nth degree. The men are moving carelessly completely absorbed in their business-like talks about American Bazar, income-tax, false principles, religion, radicals, etc.

      Yank tries to obstruct their passage and looks at them in a scornful manner. He has come here to humiliate and murder Mildred. All his efforts to talk to the white colored people fail to attract their attention. He bumps into them but they have managed to avoid him. They have no time for observing a real hairy ape. Yank is totally ignored by the crowd and the people pass on even without looking at him. He calls them cowards who cannot fight with him. He is equally overlooked by women for making obscene gestures and remarks against them. Ignoring Long’s warning, Yank consciously hits against a fat a high-hatted gentleman who is running to catch a bus. But the gentleman first begs pardon and then, getting angry at missing the bus, calls out for the police. Yank is finally over-powered by the policemen for using force but is clubbed and floored. He is sent to jail for creating disturbance and taking law in his hands.

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