The World's Wanderers: Poem - Summary & Analysis

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Tell me, thou star, whose wings of light
Speed thee in thy fiery flight,
In what cavern of the night
Will thy pinions close now?

Tell me, moon, thou pale and gray
Pilgrim of heaven's homeless way,
In what depth of night or day
Seekest thou repose now?

Weary wind, who wanderest
Like the world's rejected guest,
Hast thou still some secret nest
On the tree or billow?

Summary & Analysis

      The World's Wanderers was written in 1820 and was published in 1824. It is a simple poem of three Stanzas of four lines each. To the poet the world's wanderers are the star, the moon, and the wind. He asks them where they take rest at night or day. The nature's truth is still a mystery to human beings.

      First, the poet asks the star who moves fast with the wings of light? in which cave it takes repose? Then he turns to moon, the pilgrim of the sky, who looks pale and grey and asks where will it rest at night? Finally, he pays attention to the wind who wanders through the world like a rejected guest, and asks whether it has got some secret nest on the tree or billow.

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