Jane Murdstone: Character Analysis in David Copperfield

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      Miss Jane Murdstone is Dr. Murdstone's elder sister. She is a gloomy looking lady with very heavy eye-brows nearly meeting over her nose. She is even more harsh and cruel and firm than her brother. Soon after Mr. Murdstone’s marrige to Mrs. Copperfield she comes and settles down with them permanently. She is a fitting assistant of Mr. Murdstone in the course of his repression of David. She relieves the former Mrs. Copperfield of all house keeping and dominates her and David. She is always reminding Mrs. Copperfield to control herself, and be firm. She meets David later as the confidential friend of Miss Dora Spenlow. She intercepts David's love letters to Dora and produces it before Spenlow and brings their meeting each other to an end.

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