David Copperfield: Chapter 9 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 9: I Have a Memorable Birthday

      Two months after his return to Salem House, on the day of his birthday; Mr. Sharp asked David to go to the parlor. David had expected to get some gift from Peggotty Instead in the parlor he found Mr. Creakle enjoying his breakfast. Mrs. Creakle sat with an open letter in her hand. She very gently informed David that his mother had died and the baby was pining away for her. David wept bitterly for his mother. Mrs. Creakle was very kind to him and kept him with her the whole day. That night Traddles gave him his pillow and tied it to console him.

      The next day David traveled by a night coach. At Yarmouth, he met Mr. Omer, a fat, merry-looking, old man. He was a tailor who furnished clothes for mourning. He took David to the back parlor of his shop where his pretty daughter Minnie and two other young ladies were busy at work on a heap of black cloth. Mr. Omer told David that his baby brother had died. Later on, Joram, Minnie's lover, came in to inform us that the coffin for David's mother was ready. So, they all set out to Blunderstone in a dark carriage drawn by a black horse.

      When the party reached Blunderstone, Peggotty burst into tears on seeing David. Mr. Murdstone took no notice of him and Miss Murdstone greeted him coldly and merely inquired about his mourning clothes.

      The memory of the funeral was clearly imprinted in David's mind. Mr. Murdstone, Mr. Chillip, Mr. Grayper (the neighbor), and David had gathered in the parlor. All of them followed the coffin to the churchyard. Later on, David was given all the details about his mother's death by Peggotty. She had gradually faded away, becoming more timid and weak every moment. Before her death, Peggotty told David, she had blessed him a thousand times.

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