David Copperfield: Chapter 29 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 29: I Visit Steerforth at His Home, Again

      David had taken a week's leave from Messrs Spenlow and Jorkins and had gone to visit Steerforth at Highgate. Steerforth's mother and Rosa Dartle were pleased to receive him. But Littimer was absent. Staring of Rosa made David somewhat uneasy. She complained to David about Steerforth's misbehavior and his long absence from home. She seemed to accuse David for it. But David assured her that he was not responsible for that. Steerforth in turn tried very hard to charm Rosa Dartle into a pleasant mood and ultimately succeeded. After dinner, she was found playing on her harp. However, she stopped playing when they entered the room. Steerforth begged her to carry on. Then he put his arm round her and declared that they would love each other in the future. Rosa lost her temper and was like a wild cat. She struck him angrily and left the room. When David was leaving the place Steerforth told him that if anything happened David should think of him at his best. The next morning David found Steerforth asleep with his head upon his arm.

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