David Copperfield: Chapter 12 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 12: Liking Life on My Own Account No Better, I Form a Great Resolution

      On his release, Mr. Micawber was advised by his wife's family to leave London and try his luck in the country. The Micawbers took the advice and decided to shift to Plymouth. David, too, decided to run away to his great aunt Miss Betsey Trotwood. He wrote to his nurse Peggotty for miss Betsey's address and also for a half guinea as he was in particular need of it. Peggotty sent him the money and informed him that his great aunt Miss Betsey Trotwood lived near Dover.

      Since David had been paid a week's wage in advance, he stayed on and worked till Saturday night, after which he slipped away in search of his aunt's place.

      David Copperfield engaged a long-legged man with a donkey cart to take his box to the Dover Coach Officer. On the way, he took out a card to put on the box and held the half-guinea in his mouth. The man with the donkey cart chucked him under the chin, took his money and his box and rattled away in his cart as fast as possible, Warning David that he was going to the police. David ran after him crying and panting to get his money back but all was in vain. The man had gone.

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