Adonais: Poem No. 19 - Summary & Analysis

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Stanza 19
Line 163-171
Through wood and stream and field and hill and ocean,
A quickening life from the Earth's heart has burst,
As it has ever done, with change and motion,
From the great morning of the world when first
God dawned on chaos. In its stream immersed,
The lamps of heaven flash with a softer light;
All baser things pant with life's sacred thirst,
Diffuse themselves, and spend in love's delight
The beauty and the joy of their renewed might.


      With the return of spring, a new life has burst through all objects of Nature, as it has done ever since the beginning of creation. The stream of life has given new luster to the heavenly bodies, and all creatures pulsate with life and thirst for the joys of love in their renewed youth.


      L. 164. Quickening life—vitalizing force: energy bestowing life and vigor. From the Earth's....burst—has sprung from the very core of the earth; i.e. has spread itself from within the earth to all objects and creatures on and around it. L. 165. As it has...done—as that quickening life (i.e” a new vitalizing energy) has burst out in every spring. With...motion—bringing about a new condition and inspiring new energy in all things. The renewed life in spring manifests itself in this manner.

      L. 166. From—from the dawn of creation: this vitalizing force (bestowing activity and energy on all things) has been in operation in spring since the first day of creation. When first God.Chaos—when the spirit of God first brought order on the confused and warring mass of elements (earth, water, air, fire) and made the universe (Cosmos). The idea is Biblical and Miltonic. Before creation the elements were in a chaos; "the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters".

      L. 167. In its...immersed—being steeped in (i.e., influenced by) this vitalizing energy in spring. L. 168. Lamps of heaven—the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. Of; 'the greater light' and 'the lesser light' in Genesis.. Flash...light—shine with a gentler light. L. 169. All baser things—all lower animals, the insects, worms, etc. Pant...thirst—throb with holy feelings for the full enjoyment of life.

      L. 170. Diffuse themselves—move about in the sun and air. LI. 170-171. 'And spend in...might—all lower creatures make use of the beauty and joy of their renewed vigorous youth by seizing the pleasures of love.

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