Stella Moore: Character Analysis in A Passage To India

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      Stella was Mrs. Moore's daughter, who lived in England. Mr. Fielding married Stella, when he was in England for a short vacation. She came to India along with Fielding, when he returned to India. We first get to know of Stella at the time of the Hindu festival at Mau. She went out with Fielding in a boat, which collided with another boat in the pond due to a windstorm. Later on, Fielding told Aziz that Stella did not seem to love him as he loved her, though she was loyal to him. Stella was drawn to Hinduism. In this respect, Stella was like the spirit of Mrs. Moore visiting India again after her death. Mrs. Moore had left India under the impression that the echo represented India and that the Marabar Caves were final. To show that the evil, represented by the echo of the Marabar Caves was not the last word about India, Forster added the third section 'Temple' and Stella, is, from that point of view, a representative of Mrs. Moore, who now realized what India spiritually was.

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