Ralph Moore: Character Analysis in A Passage To India

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      Ralph were Mrs. Moore's son, who came to India after their mother's death. Stella was married to Mr. Fielding and Ralph came with them to India. When Fielding returned to India after his short vacation in England. Ralph was mistaken by Aziz as Mr. Quested, because Aziz was under the impression that Fielding had married Miss Adela Quested and therefore Fielding-'s brother-in-law could be only Mr. Quested. Ralph was attacked by bees in the Muslim shrine on the top of the hill in Mau. Aziz advised him to lie down in a pool of water and promised to send him some ointment later on. When Aziz went to the European Guest House, he found Ralph there. Aziz applied some ointment to his wound and Ralph complained that he was being rough. He remarked that he had done no evil to Aziz On the contrary, he had the highest regard for Aziz, because Mrs. Moore had written to him about Aziz. This brought about a change of heart in Aziz, who exclaimed that Ralph was an 'Oriental' like Mrs. Moore.

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