Mrs. Dalloway: Chapter 3 - Summary

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The Roar of an Airplane and Septimus and Lucrezia’s Miserable Condition.

      After the car, the sound of an airplane attracts every-body. It is coming over the trees with emitting smokes from behind. With the twisting of smoke and making alphabets, they are advertising some toffee. Everybody is trying to read the letters written by the smoke and Lucrezia tries to draw the attention of Septimus to it but he thinks it is only signaling to him and his tears flow down from his eyes. He stares wildly at the trees that seem to him coming to life and nodding to him. He shuts his eyes, so that he may not go mad. Everything pointed by Lucrezia seems terrible to him and she thinks that he has gone mad. She is facing much spiritual anguish because she has left her nation, her people for him (Septimus) but finds herself alone among the strangers. Septimus instead of looking after her, has become an unbearable liability. But she does not want to share her grief with anybody. Maisie Johnson who passes by them thinks Septimus—Rezia to be a queer couple. He perhaps thinks that after quarreling to each other they are about to be separated.

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