Lord Jim: Chapter 9 - Summary & Analysis

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      Marlow further says that Jim told him that the officers were finding great difficulty in lowering the boat and, when the second engineer, with fractured arm, ran to the engine-room to get the hammer, as ordered by the skipper, Jim began to slash at them with his knife in order to let all the boats drop into the water and to wake up the pilgrims to get into the boats. The skipper called him a fool for not realizing the terrible condition when all the pilgrims would wake up but Jim didn't care for him. Meanwhile, the officers became successful in lowering the boat. Only Jim was thinking about how to save the pilgrims but he also knew that he could not do anything. All the officers jumped into the boat. They were very hostile to Jim, that's why they didn't call Jim to save his life. They were calling the name of George who was lying dead there on the board because of a heart attack and these officers didn't know the fact. They only saw a figure on the deck and thought him to be George but actually it was Jim. Next moment, Jim jumped into the boat. There were 800 pilgrims on 'Patna’ but the three officers were only calling the name of George. They were more concerned with their own man, not the pilgrims.


      This chapter sums up the account of the accident, by Jim. We come to know the real conditions under which Jim saved his own life. This chapter also discloses Jim's soul to the reader and tells us that, till the last moment, he tried and was thinking of how to save the pilgrims.

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