Lord Jim: Chapter 19 - Summary & Analysis

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Marlow's Decision to Consult Stein Regarding Jim's Job


      Marlow tells his listeners that Jim was unable to lay aside the sense of disgrace. He became a rolling stone, not staying or sticking at one place. Now Jim took up a job with Tucker Brothers but he left this one also because of a quarrel with a little drunk fellow from Denmark. He had made oblique references to Jim's failure as a seaman. Marlow felt sorry for this incident and took Jim to Bangkok in his own ship.

      After talking to Jim, Marlow could not understand how to help this man. He had recalled the statement of Brierly that Jim should be allowed to creep twenty feet underground and stay there. He meant that he should continue struggling with his own thoughts unless he developed some understanding within himself. Marlow decides to consult a man, Mr. Stein, whom he owed great respect. He was most trustworthy and a rich friend of Marlow.

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