Lord Jim: Chapter 12 - Summary & Analysis

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'Patna' is Saved


      Now, Jim proceeds that they were caught by a ship Avondale. The skipper told them the pre-planned story and Jim did not interrupt him but when they reached the port of Aden, they were wonders truck to see 'Patna' towed by a French gunboat. The story that he told to the officers was not a lie because they themselves had seen the lights of 'Patna' disappearing but it was an optical illusion. Then Jim tried to know the details about what made 'Patna' safe and learned that, when the steersman, who were unaware of their desertion of the ship and the peril, discovered that the ship had no steam, and it was merely drifting, they investigated and saw George lying dead. Now, they realized the danger and put up a signal of distress on the mast. A French ship 'Reunion', seeing the signal, sent a gunboat to enquire into the matter. The Frenchmen, after inspecting the cause of danger, towed 'Patna' to the nearest English Port (Aden), When they reached their destination, what went wrong with the ship didn't come to light. After a few years Marlow learned the truth when he met one of these French officers.


      The rescue ship's commander assumes the responsibility that Jim had abandoned. Thus Jim who always dreamt of being a hero failed to realize his dream in reality.

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