Lady Bruton: Character Analysis in Mrs. Dalloway

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      Lady Millicent Bruton is a satiric ironic portrayal of a perfect Mayfair hostess. She was from the family of Generals, herself like a general, a warrior, a conservative, proud and dignified. She was hospitable and polite lady.

      Lady Bruton has been introduced in the novel as a friend of Mrs. Clarissa Dalloway. Mrs. Dalloway was informed that her husband had gone to lunch with Lady Bruton. She invited him only because she wanted the help of Richard Dalloway in writing an important letter. She was an ineffectual member of Sir Bradshaw’s group; of power-maniacs. She had invited Mr. Richard Dalloway and to help her draft a letter to the Times. She was busy with a project of emigrating young people of both sexes born of a respectable family and settling them up with a fair prospect of doing well in Canada. She had exaggerated and lost her sense of proportion because emigration was a sublime conception to her only not to everybody.

      Lady Bruton could not write the letter herself because of the certain problems in marshaling her thoughts and getting them down on paper. This was sheer stupidity for a common man but for the lady of a rich class, it became her interest.

      Lady Bruton was more interested in politics than public, she did not like Clarissa’s discrimination of one gentleman to other.

      She is a minor character who has hardly any significant role to perform. She is made to fill up the canvas of Mrs. Woolf’s picture of contemporary London society.

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