Hamidullah: Character Analysis in A Passage To India

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      Among the Indians, Hamidullah had the highest education. He had been to Cambridge and had come in personal contact with an English family. This was Rev. Bannister's family and Hamidullah had a high opinion of them.

      Hamidullah's wife was a distant relation of Aziz. She talked to Aziz from behind the purdah. She had never come out of the purdah.

      When Azia was arrested, Hamidullah, 'the leading barrister of Chandrapore' had left rattled Instead of fighting it out in the court, he talked of 'polity and evidence, in a way that saddened the Englishman'. And instead of raging and denouncing, he temporized. He decided to file an application for bail, getting the Nawab Bahadur to stand surety. He also wanted to engage Amrit Rao from Calcutta for the defense. He had no sympathy for Miss Adela Quested when she was surrounded by the crowd. He lacked chivalry and was hard hearted.

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