Dr. Holmes: Character Analysis in Mrs. Dalloway

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      Dr. Holmes and William Bradshaw represent the materialistic civilization that is entirely devoid of any moral values. They are monotonous and mechanical like civilization itself. They preferred proportion and balance.

      Dr. Holmes and William Bradshaw represent the depersonalized face of civilization. Lucrezia went to them with great hopes and expectations but turned back with utter disappointment. They seem to be the greatest cause of Septimus’ suicide. They had no respect for human feelings and the warmth of human relationships in life. Man was like a machine to them.

      These doctors had failed to cure Septimus. For them, death was not a serious affair. When Rezia went to Dr. Holmes for Septimus’ medical check-up, he felt his pulse, looked at the tongue and declared him not sick. He recommended him to Sir William Bradshaw, a specialist.

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