A Passage To India: Part 3 Chapter 33 - Summary & Analysis

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      After a lapse of two years, a few hundred miles from Chandrapore, the Janmashtami festival (festival of Lord Krishna's birth) was being celebrated at the palace of Mau. Prof. Godbole, minister for education, was arranging the mysterious ceremony. He led the choir, danced along with the other Hindus of all castes and was totally absorbed in the performance. All present there imagined themselves in the place of Lord Krishna and tried to love each other. The worshippers were so elated with the feelings of universal love that they forgot all religious decorum.

      At midnight, when the Lord was born the 'conch' was blown. The noise of people talking excitedly became greater and greater leading to a confused situation. Prof. Godbole recalled Lady Moore whom he had met at Chandrapore and even included her as part of universal scheme. To him, in this universe, there was no distinction between Mrs. Moore and the wasp.

      The Rajah of Mau, although very ill, wanted to witness the ceremony and was brought in. The Rajah nominated a boy to represent Shri Krishna and then he was carried back to a room where Aziz was waiting for him.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter has been helpful in eradicating the painful memory of the Marabar Caves. The author has also paid a tribute to the universality of the Hindu religion. Here Hinduism Stands for the unity of mankind. The tension created by racial prejudice has been lessened by the atmosphere created in this chapter.

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