A Passage To India: Part 3 Chapter 36 - Summary & Analysis

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      The Hindu Festival was in its last stage. The image of Sri Krishna was being carried in a procession to the river for its immersion. In the evening, Aziz remembered that he had to go to treat Ralph for bee-sting. He decided to go to the guest house, but on reaching there he found that Fielding had been taken in the houseboat to the river. Aziz walked around in the deserted building and read two letters which were addressed to Fielding. One of it was from Ronny and the other from Miss Adela Quested. Just then Ralph Moore entered the room. While treating him for bee-sting, Aziz handled him roughly. Ralph pointed this out to him. Aziz became more careful because he was reminded of Mrs. Moore, whom Ralph, her son resembled closely. He decided to go to boating with Ralph. Fielding and Stella also accompanied them.

      While Aziz and Ralph were boating on the river, it had started raining. There was a procession of boats on the river. Ralph wanted to have a closer view of the procession. They rowed towards the procession. Suddenly their boat collided. Aziz, Fielding, Ralph and Stella were plunged in the water and went through a sort of purification. The holy water seemed to wash away all the suspicion, hatred and pettiness.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter shows the remarkable influence of Lady Moore on Aziz. Whatever suspicion, hatred or pettiness remained in them, was washed away by the water of repentance.

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