A Passage To India: Part 2 Chapter 23 - Summary & Analysis

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      Mrs. Moore was finding it difficult to secure a passage to England, The English ladies of Chandrapore appealed to Lady Mellanby, wife of the Lieutenant Governor of the province for help. The nice Lady offered to share her own cabin in which she was proceeding to England. Ronny was happy, thinking that his name would become known at the Government House.

      Mrs. Moore was happy at her departure. She had got everything she wanted. However, there was something which made her sad as well. She had wanted to be one with the universe but minor incidents were always there to interfere and prevent her from attaining this ideal. She was thinking of the echo in the cave but she could not understand what it meant. She wondered why so much attention was being paid to Adela when nothing had happened to her.

      Mrs. Moore left for Bombay alone. She then realized that she had not seen the right places in India. As her boat sailed from Bombay, a large number of coconut trees bade her farewell.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter gives us a description of Mrs. Moore's departure from India. An enlightened English woman who could have perhaps been able to act as a balm on the hurt feelings of the inhabitants of the mini India, Chandrapore, had left—we are to see now what happens and how the story comes to conclusion.

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