A Passage To India: Part 2 Chapter 17 - Summary & Analysis

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      The Collector, Mr. Turton, was waiting in his room for Fielding. He told Fielding that the worst thing had happened. Miss Adela Quested had been criminally assaulted at one of the Marabar Caves by Aziz. Fielding very bluntly said that Miss Adela Quested must be mad to have accused Aziz of bad intentions. He was sure that Aziz was not a person to indulge in such an act. His behavior had been quite normal. Fielding wanted to see the Superintendent of Police, Mr. McBryde, because unlike Mr. Turton, McBryde kept calm even under adverse circumstances. Turton was quite furious. He felt that his career had been ruined. He should not have allowed intimacy between the Britishers and the Indians. He requested Fielding to be present at the club in the evening as there was every possibility that the issue might be discussed at the club. Fielding promised to come.

      While going home Turton found the servants of Miss Adela Quested and Ronny looting the articles of Dr. Aziz and the servants Hassan and Latif of Dr. Aziz were ineffective and were not able to do anything. Turton ordered them to stop the loot and go home. He was obeyed immediately.

Critical Analysis

      In this chapter the characters of two Englishmen have been very carefully delineated. Fielding and Turton are unlike each other, yet, both these gentlemen are very particular about justice. Fielding strived to get justice for Aziz and in the process he even displeased his community. Turton of course never went to this extent in his pursuit of justice. However, he ordered the servants to stop plundering Aziz's house at once. Turton might have been prejudiced against Aziz but he tried to be just to him in accordance with the law.

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