A Passage To India: Part 1 Chapter 4 - Summary & Analysis

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      Mr. Turton was true to his words. He had sent invitations to some of the Indians for a meeting at the club. Mr. Turton was to act as a host to the men and Mrs. Turton to the ladies. The invitation caused a lot of excitement among the Indians: They interpreted the novel act of the Collector in various ways. Mahmoud Ali, the pleader, was of the opinion that the Lt. Governor must have issued the directive. Nawab Bahadur was happy that a party had been art arranged by the Britishers. Nawab Bahadur was a respectable person and held a big sway over all his friends. He advised his friends to attend the party. Ram Chand, however, requested the Nawab not to make himself cheap by accepting the invitation. All the others left the decision to be made by the Nawab.

      The missionaries had not been invited by Turton, nor did they care much for such parties. They believed in divine parties called by God.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter shows the vast gulf that had grown between the Indians and their rulers. Any attempt by the Britishers to bridge this gulf proved to be insincere and half-hearted. The plot is moving forward. The main figures of Miss Quested and Mrs. Moore are not present but everything is happening in accordance with their wish.

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