A Passage To India: Part 1 Chapter 10 - Summary & Analysis

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      Aziz's friends had come to see him. All of them are oppressed by the heat. It was awfully hot The streets were dreary and deserted and only a squirrel on the unfinished bungalow opposite Aziz's residence could be seen. Some birds were twittering on a tree. All the visitors were perspiring profusely. They left Aziz's house for their individual bungalows. The sun was shining outside in all its glory and the visitors rushed toward their houses to seek asylum from the scorching heat. April, the herald of horrible weather, was approaching and everyone was made conscious of it. The sun was without beauty.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter deals with nature as found in India. In this country nature predominates. Man's politics and schemes are inconsequential in the overall plan of nature. The summer season is a season of horror in India and it makes the Indian lazy and sluggish. They lose the power of resistance and are easily enslaved.

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