A Farewell To Arms: Chapter 24 - Summary and Analysis

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Henry Loses His Seat
      Henry and Catherine say goodbye to each other outside the railway station, in the carriage. It was raining heavily and Henry entered into it. Catherine signals to him to get out of the rain. Inside the train, there were not enough places. The machine gunner who come with the porter had saved a place for him. However, a captain who had been there for two hours before he protested. Henry felt everybody in the compartment against him. So, he gave up the seat and traveled standing in the corridor. It was still raining. Later he slept on the floor of the corridor. More men got on and he saw another man sleeping on the floor all along the corridor.


The Rain
      The rain, used as a symbol of doom in the novel is a constant presence throughout this chapter. It had been raining all evening. As they come out of the hotel it is raining. They say goodbye in the rain and Henry steps out into the rain from the carriage. And it is still raining as he makes his uncomfortable journey on the train.

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