Uncle Ben: Character Analysis in Death of a Salesman

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      Uncle Ben is the most significant of these. He poses a problem to the actor and the producer. He is almost a voice in the mind of Willy. His stage appearance would perhaps destroy the effect that would be there if he is presented as only a voice, from off-stage. He is obviously based more on fantasy than any of the other characters. At times, he does mix up with others, almost reality like, but mostly his conception is restricted to the inside of Willy’s head. To Willy, Uncle Ben is the dream of success personified.

      ‘That man was a genius—that man was success incarnate.’ This is what Willy feels about him. He is the alter-ego of Willy. He is what one side of Willy would like to be. But Linda (in Willy’s imaginary conversations) does not approve of him.

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