The Rainbow: Chapter 5 - Summary and Analysis

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Wedding at the Marsh


      The Wedding. At last the wedding day arrived and all the Brangwen family gathered for the celebration. Anna, beautiful and elgant, was escorted to the church by her father and, after the marriage service was over, the whole party went first to Will and Anna's little cottage to drink to the newly married couple; then they went to Marsh Farm where the wedding meal had been prepared. Since it was just before Christmas the company was entertained first by a band of carol singers and then by an old Christmas play. Finally the evening drew to a close; the young couple returned alone to their cottage and, once they had gone, Tom and some other men decided to go and sing carols outside their windows.


      Here Tom’s old uncertainties and longings are seen again as Anna's marriage recalls to him his own with Lydia. By the end of the Chapter, however, the centre of interest is shifted completely. It is with Anna and Will that the power of youth, life and emotion now lies.

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