The Rainbow: Chapter 14 - Summary and Analysis

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      The Schofields, during the school holiday Ursula enjoys visiting Miss Maggie Schofield in the gardener’s cottage at the back of Belcote Hall. The Schofields lived in a large gardener’s cottage. They were caretakers, gamekeepers, farmers, all in one. They were a large family, as at Cossethay. Maggie's brothers were very attentive to Ursula and made her feel like a grand lady. Maggie's eldest brother Anthony was a market-gardener and Ursula delights in being told about all the growing plants. She felt a strong sexuality in Anthony which created a physical bond between them, so that when he suddenly proposed to her one day she almost accepted, but she knows that their souls can never be together, so she rejects him, though all her life, she was to remember his proposal.

      The Brangwens Move to Beldover. To the great joy of Ursula, her father and family were about to move. Her father was appointed Art and Handicraft Instructor for the county at Nottingham. That was a coveted position and Ursula felt proud and elated. They were going to live near Willey Green, an old quiet village on the edge of the thronged colliery district. He bought with his wife’s money, a fairly large house in the new, red brick part of Bend over. Ursula was slightly disappointed with the place situated in the suburb of a dirty small town but the sight of the large, spacious house pleased her. After all, they would be among the elite of Beldover, and could shine among the known luminaries of a country town. So Ursula joined forces with her father to arrange things in their new house. As her term ended she went to her school and was accorded a hearty farewell which touched and soothed her heart.


      There is a striking change in mood between this chapter and the last. Ursula now accepts the school regime and feels that she is achieving something and the prospect of her father's new job brings hope to the family so that everything is light and gay.

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