Oliver Twist: Chapter: 9 - Summary & Analysis

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Containing further Particulars concerning the pleasant old Gentleman, and his Hopeful Pupils.


Fagin's concealed Treasury

      Oliver fell asleep very soon and next morning when he opened his eyes he saw nobody around him except Fagin. Fagin did not know that Oliver had woken up as Oliver's eyes were half-closed. Fagin was talking to himself. He took out a box from its place of concealment and carefully put that on the table. The box contained rich contents like a number of gold watches, sparkling jewels etc. He was looking at them with great pleasure.

Oliver, warned by the Old Jew

      As Fagin turned his eyes, he found Oliver woken up. He felt alarmed that Oliver had seen his secret treasury. Immediately, he picked up a knife and threatened Oliver if he had seen anything. Oliver got scared of Fagin and said that he had not seen anything because he had just opened his eyes. Fagin warned Oliver not to tell anybody about anything that he probably had watched.

The Game of Picking Pockets played by Two Boys

      In the evening all the boys arrived. Dodger returned in day with a boy whom Oliver had seen last night. His name was Charley Bates. Fagin asked them to report about their work. Boys gave him few pocket handkerchiefs and couple of pocket-book. Then, they were told by Fagin to play with him the game of picking pockets in order to make Oliver see what he would be expected to perform. Oliver saw how pockets were picked but he could not understand that after few days, he himself had to perform that.

The Arrival of Betty and Nancy

      The game was interrupted by the arrival of two young ladies-Betty and Nancy. They were not very beautiful and pretty but quite bright and healthy. Their manners gave the impression upon Oliver that they were nice girls. They stayed there for sometimes and had some liquor. Then after, Dodger and Bates went out with them. After their departure, old Fagin told Oliver that these two boys were leading a very happy life. He told him to make these boys his model to follow. He also said that Oliver was a clever boy, and if he worked with sincerity, he would become superior to everybody. Then, he demonstrated how handkerchiefs and pocket books were picked up from the pockets of people. But still, Oliver could not realize that he had become the victim of thieves and pick-pockets and he himself had to do that after few days.

Critical Analysis

      In this chapter, we enter a new world altogether. It is the world of criminals and their criminal activities.

      Dicken's humor is grim and in a very effective manner, he has conveyed the wretchedness of the thrives life.

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