Oliver Twist: Chapter 6 - Summary & Analysis

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Oliver, being goaded by the Taunts of Noah, rouses into Action, and rather astonishes him


Noah Claypole feeling Jealous of Oliver Twist

      After a month's trial, Oliver was accepted as an apprentice by Mr. Sowerberiy. Mr. Sowerberry found Oliver most suitable for his purposes. Oliver had picked up lots of work that his master had to do. During this period Oliver had also got the opportunity to observe the behavior of people who had lost their relatives. He found that people soon forget their griefs. But till now, Oliver was enduring patiently all the ill-treating ents of Noah. Noah had started treating him much worse because he was feeling jealous of Oliver who proved more useful to Sowerberry in his trade. Charlotte and Mrs. Sowerberry were also hostile towards Oliver because Mr. Sowerberry had begun to favor Oliver Twist.

Oliver's Thrash to Noah

      One day Noah, in order to excite Oliver started talking disrespectfully about his mother. Only the mention of mother brought tears into the eyes but he mistook it as the result of his power. Mockingly, he continued to say: "But yer must know, Work us yer mother was a regular right-down bad'un, Work'us, that she died when she did, or else she'd have been hard laboring in Bridewell, or transported, or hung; which is more likely than either, isn't it ?"

      This put Oliver out of control. He caught hold of Noah's throat and gave him violent thrash. Noah fell on the ground. This was something that Noah had never dreamt of. He shrieked for help. Charlotte and Mrs. Sowerberry rushed to him. Charlotte seized Oliver with all her strength and Mr. Sowerberry scratched his face. Noah too began to beat him. When they got tired up, they locked him into a dust cellar. Mrs. Sowerberry was not there and they did everything as they wished to. Noah was sent to fetch Mr. Bumble.

Critical Analysis

      Oliver has been very potently enduring all kinds of indignities, abuses, kicks and threats. But when Noah speaks about Oliver s mother in derogatory manner, he looses his temper and dashes Noah to the ground for, "he felt that pride swelling in his pride heart which would have kept down a shriek to the last though they had roasted him alive."

      The radical change in Oliver gives plot a turn. It is gratifying to notice this turn in Oliver and plot of the novel side by side.

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